He woke gasping for air, his mind reeling with panic, as if tossed and winnowed by a strong wind. Drops of sweat from his forehead fell into his eyes, stinging, and his vision blurred. A quick glance toward his wife and child, huddled next to him for warmth, reassured him…

There have been a spate of nervous articles published online and off over the last few weeks encouraging people to vote for Mr. Biden “because our democracy won’t survive four more years of Mr. Trump.”

While voting is certainly the preferable way, it is not the only way. We must…

I had a bad morning, and in this long post I air some grievances, all personal. I work through bad mornings and even whole days by writing and meditation, but meditation wasn’t working for me this morning, so I wrote.

(If confessional essays aren’t your cup of tea, you may…


(This is an excerpt from a book-in-progress. It’s my offering for Banned Books Week 2020.)

Chris woke in darkness. He could see very little but sensed that he was in an unfamiliar place. His upper body ached, and his throat hurt; a sharp pain, like the slash of a…

I’m reading posts and comments about the boy who murdered protesters in Kenosha.

That he was only 17 years-old, so it was illegal for him to open carry a gun.

That he attended one of Mr. Trump’s campaign rallies.

That he was cited for speeding and driving without a license.

Shuffling among news feeds … Hurricane Laura … Kenosha … Portland … Police murder Black Americans … Accounts of the RNC … COVID-19 updates … Landfall at 1:00 am CST … State police in Minneapolis … White supremacist murders protesters … Eyewall winds at 150 mph … Twitter: Feds in…


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