The Time is Now

3 min readSep 24, 2020

If you pride yourself on being “not political,” the world will soon crash down on your head. You will be forced to take sides and take action. If you have kids, keep reading.

Yesterday, Mr. Trump refused to say that he would allow a peaceful transition of power if he loses the election.

This is an explicitly fascist statement. He is telling us he does not intend to leave office. He’s casting doubt on the legitimacy of the election before it occurs. He’s stacking the Supreme Court to ensure any challenge to his power grab will be rejected.

Mr. Trump and the Republicans are planning a coup.

You can argue about constitutional niceties and processes. He intends to ignore them all. He has an army of street thugs — and more within the DHS — to enforce his will. It is unclear, at the moment, if the federalized National Guard and regular forces will intervene to preserve democracy. Mr. Trump has placed a loyalist in the number two position at the Pentagon, and we have no sense of how many generals may support Mr. Trump.

You must vote. I dislike Mr. Biden, but I don’t have the freedom in this election to vote third party, because all of our freedoms may vanish on November 3rd. If you can, vote in person, but you must vote.

We aren’t voting for Mr. Biden, we are voting to safeguard our democracy.

Be prepared for long lines and voter intimidation tactics. Both have already occurred in Virginia. Stay in line and vote anyway.

If you vote by absentee ballot, read and follow the directions exactly. Make sure your signature is legible. Mail or drop off no later than the first week of October.

If you have kids in school, you may want to keep them home on November 3rd. Violence at the polls seems likely.

Take some time now to talk with family and friends who are concerned. Make plans for what you’ll do if a coup occurs. Begin by holding a weekly vigil on a street corner, holding signs that simply say, “Defend Democracy.” Raise awareness of the dangers we’re facing. Remember, this isn’t about being for or against a candidate, it’s about saving our democracy.

If you work away from home, consider identifying more than one route home on November 3rd. Rallies and marches may disrupt your normal route.

You are going to be challenged and tested during the next three months. Without direct action, our democracy will die. You will miss work. You’re kids lives will be disrupted. But we must defend our democracy. If you can go to Washington D.C. any time after November 3rd, make plans to do so.

Here is a guide for thwarting coups. Read it.

Here is an article on preparing for a demonstration or march. Read it.

You no longer have the option of being “not political.” Politics will soon intrude on your town, your neighborhood, and your home. It will be stark: democracy or fascism. Choose wisely.